Children in all of classes except Caterpillars (aged 1-2 years) are requested to wear our uniform. We have a navy blue polo shirt, red skorts, shorts or trousers and a red cardigan or pullover. You may also purchase an IDEA bookbag or sunhat. During the winter months children may be required to wear a PE kit which consists of a red tshirt and blue shorts. Your child’s teacher will communicate with you regarding your child’s PE kit. All of our uniform is available to buy in the Center.


Uniform 2017


Blue Polo Shirt  @ AED 65.00

Red Short  @ AED 70.00

Red Skort  @ AED 70.00


 Blue Short (PE) @ AED 70.00

Red Shirt (PE) @ AED 65.00


 Blue Cardigan  @ AED 65.00

Blue Trouser  @ AED 65.00


 Red Hat  @ AED 45.00

File Bag  @ AED 55.00


Please note that school and PE uniform is not compulsory for the Caterpillars class (ages 1-2).

You are welcome to try our smallest size but we know that this will depend on individual children.


All other children are required to wear school and PE uniform.