ELC Calendar

2017 – 2018 Academic Calendar

Thursday 22nd June Term 3 Ends
TBC following EID Summer Camp Begins
Thursday 31st August Summer Camp Ends


Term One
Wednesday 6th September Term 1 Begins
Thursday 21st September Islamic New Year (Probable)
Sunday 29th October – Thursday 2nd November Half Term Break
Thursday 30th November Martyrs Day
Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd December National Day
Friday 1st December Prophet’s Birthday
Thursday 14TH December Last Day of Term 1


Term Two
Sunday 7th January Term 2 Begins
Sunday 11th – Thursday 15th February Half Term Break
Sunday 19th February Return from half term
Thursday 22nd March Last Day of Term 2


Term Three
Sunday 8th April Term 3 Begins
Thursday 12th April Ascension of the Prophet (Probable)
Wednesday 16th May Start of Ramadan
Thursday 14th June Eid Al Fitr (Probable)
TBC Last Day of Term 3