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Emotional Health and Well-Being in Early Years

Emotional Health and Well-Being in Early Years At IDEA Early Learning Center we care about every child’s emotional health and wellbeing. What does this mean? It means that we strive to provide stability for your child through opportunities to manage their thoughts, feelings and behavior positively. We aim that every child can feel satisfaction and […]

Why is it crucial that early years teachers have qualifications?

Why is it crucial that early years teachers have qualifications?   At IDEA Early Learning Center we only employ teachers with a degree in Early Years or an equivalent Early Years Qualification. This is crucial to the development of the children in our care. We commit to recruiting highly qualified and experienced teachers to ensure […]

The Importance of an Active Lifestyle for Children

The Importance of an Active Lifestyle for Children At IDEA ELC we recognize the importance of an active lifestyle for children and we build in as many active opportunities as possible. We know that we play a role in laying the foundations for a healthy future. We are in a unique position because if we […]

Positive Behavior Management

Positive Behavior Management At IDEA ELC, our experience tells us that parents often ask about discipline policies during the enquiry stage. Parents want to know what will happen if their child is for example, bitten or knocked down. Some parents also want to know this because they know their child is boisterous or is going […]

Play vs. Learning

Play vs. Learning The best provision for children In today’s educational world, there is an ongoing pressure felt my parents and teachers for children in early childhood education to prepare children for the academic achievement and standardized tests that primary school can bring. There is often a conflict between what teachers feel is the best […]

Are you looking for a school place for your child?

Are you looking for a school place for your child? Pre KG, KG1 and KG2 at IDEA Early Learning Center in Victory Heights, Sports City offer the Creative Curriculum, the perfect foundation for your child’s transition after early years. We provide an exceptional nurturing environment for young children to explore, grow and learn within an […]
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Are you wondering about the Common Core State Standards?

You wouldn’t be the only parent who wonders what these are, where they came from, and how will they affect their child. At IDEA ELC we follow the Creative Curriculum which is aligned to the Common Core Standards. They were created in the United States by educators and other educational professionals d to give clear, consistent

Keeping little hands busy through fine motor activities

If you register your child at IDEA ELC, we can guarantee their little hands will be kept busy through planned fine motor activities. “Fine motor” refers to the movements we make when we use the small muscles of the hands. Children start to use their hands at birth to explore their bodies and the world around […]

Dramatic Play and Little World

Dramatic Play and little worlds are interest areas in all of the classrooms at IDEA Early Center.  Children are able to use the areas during choice time when children direct themselves to an area of the classroom that interests them. Dramatic play and little worlds enable children to enhance and develop their socio-dramatic play. Children […]

Independence in Early Years

One of the key life skills that we endeavor to empower our children with is independence. For children, independence begins by gaining the confidence to try a new skill or activity by themselves, while in a safe and supportive environment with lots of positive reinforcement and recognition for their efforts. This is a huge step […]