Physical Activity with Children- Advice from IDEA ELC

Did you know that you can help your child…

  • Enjoy physical activity?
  • Feel good about his or her physical skills?
  • Use physical skills to solve problems?
  • Feel confident when playing with friends?
  • Live a healthier life?

Physical activity is a big part of your child’s life. Every time you and your child take a walk, gallop down the road, or throw and catch a ball together, you are helping your child develop physical skills. The early years are an important time for young children to learn these skills, which they will use every day as they play and move. When you help your child practice and use physical skills, your child becomes stronger, healthier and more confident. At IDEA ELC our Creative Curriculum focusses on the importance of these skills.

Learning basic physical skills is essential for your child’s healthy growth and development. Sadly, an increasing number of children are obese. This alarming situation is due in large part to unhealthy eating habits and the fact that too many children are not physically active. Children who are overweight are more likely to develop serious health problems as they grow older.

Strong physical skills don’t just develop effortlessly. Children needs lots of practice and support. As their physical skills improve, their strength and self-confidence grow. When children discover what their bodies can do, they are able to learn new physical skills more easily. They also learn more about their environment and the world, which will help them become more creative and more successful in life. All of these wonderful traits will make it more likely that children will be physically active and therefore lead healthier lives as adults.

Throughout the day, look for opportunities to be physically active and play with your child. Whether you walk to the park, play on playground equipment, ride bikes, or move to music, you can find ways to have fun and be active with your child. You don’t need to buy special toys or fancy equipment; an old rolled up sock makes a great ball to throw and catch! You don’t need to be an expert to be physically active either.

If you support your child’s natural interest in being physically active and learning new skills, you’ll help your child build a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

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