Our Classrooms, Facilities and Resources

Each classroom has a specially designed layout to encourage age appropriate child initiated investigative play. Our youngest children have access to soft play, sensory equipment, messy play, a cosy quiet area and sleeping if they need to. Older children’s classrooms are designed to provide areas of learning that stimulate particular aspects of the curriculum. Each classroom has an age appropriate library and access to technology such as ipads, cameras and a digital board. We have invested in high quality resources, equipment and materials to stimulate learning. We know that children need a variety of continuous provision to access independently so that they apply their understanding within their own play. We also have provision for the teaching of music, art and languages (Arabic and French). Our main corridor is an indoor exploration zone that is used an extension of our classrooms. Our large outdoor playgrounds are well equipped and we have a dedicated space for trikes, climbing, mud-play and a growing-garden. Our clinic equipment and our experienced Nurse will ensure that your child is well looked after.
We have also invested in an assessment tool called Gold so that we can observe children to inform the teacher’s learning strategies. These observations will in turn inform the planning cycle so that teachers can have a thorough understanding of each child’s progress and next steps. We regularly feedback on how your child is doing and we believe that through effective communication on our Seesaw App we can ensure our parent partnerships are strong.