Director’s Welcome

Dear Families,

I would like to welcome you to IDEA Early Learning Center. We are a center where we aim for everyone to feel like they are a part of our family the moment they walk in the door. Building relationships is one of the most important aspects of what we do, creating an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming for children, their families and visitors; a place where children feel loved, safe and secure away from their families.

We believe in valuing each child as an individual and welcome and embrace the diversity that each brings into our center. We believe that children will thrive best in a play based learning environment and we strive to create rich learning opportunities through the environment, which enable children to explore and discover, bring out their imaginations, build relationships, and above all, have FUN!

We have a strong sense of community and encourage all families to participate in the life of our center in any capacity they are able, and we welcome and value their input and feedback as partners in the care of their children.

Our educators are our greatest asset. We are very proud of the professional attitudes and caring natures of our educators. We make every effort to recruit and retain the best possible early childhood educators to care for and provide play-based early learning programs for your child. We are also very supportive of educators who are studying and/or upgrading their qualifications. We believe creating a culture of life-long learning begins with us!

At IDEA we constantly engage in reflective practice and we are always pushing the boundaries of what might be, in our goal to make IDEA Early Learning Center the best place to be….. a leader in our field…… a center of excellence.

We have already proven ourselves to be in the forefront of early childhood educational institutions here in Dubai by achieving a JAWDA Tier 5 Quality Rating, were runners up in the NDNA Awards 2018 and have been shortlisted for Best Nursery in the 2019 Schools Compared Top Schools Award.

Farheen Effandi

Farheen Effandi