My child has a Nanny, why should I send them to IDEA Early Learning Center?

My child has a Nanny, why should I send them to IDEA Early Learning Center?

All early years professionals agree that children need to try lots of new things and interact with different environments, cultures and people. It helps them to develop awareness of themselves, others and their world. IDEA Early Learning Center is so much more than daycare. We don’t compromise on quality. Our teachers and teaching assistants are highly qualified and experience to ensure that we tailor your child’s experience so that they make sustained, better than expected progress.

Exposure to play based opportunities for building, collaborating, sustained shared thinking, communication, risk taking, exposure to wide variety of materials and creativity are crucial to a child’s overall foundations for success later in life.

When young children hear feedback in a variety of ways, through different voices, peer and adult, they learn how to successfully respond. Practice builds expertise over time but also reinforced motivation for continued learning. Practice makes perfect is certainly true but the practice is also crucial for developing the critical ability to improve.

At IDEA Early Learning Center, children are given the opportunities to make their own choices and contribute to group decisions. Often at home, it can be harder for an adult to encourage skills of patience and compromise, if situations where this skill is needed are not as regular or in different situations. Opportunities that allow choice or collaborative choice are key to ensure children develop skills for negotiation and critical thinking. When children have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions that are valued by others, they gain self-confidence and come to see themselves as capable. Meaningful contributions can mean sharing an opinion that is listened to, helping clean up a shared space or giving to others. Staff at IDEA ELC intuitively tailor the Creative Curriculum so that children can excel.

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