February 2018

How does IDEA ELC learn from international best practice?

How can Early Years Professionals learn from International Best Practice? At IDEA ELC, we are committed to providing the best possible education for our early years children. By using what is considered the best practice from around the world, we are inspired to see how we can learn. Rather than using de-contextualized comparisons that use […]

Two Common Questions asked about Teaching Literacy

Common Questions around the Teaching of Literacy in Early Years Should worksheets be used? Children need to be able to express themselves in many ways, with art being one of them, and to provide them with the pre-drawn shapes would be the same as providing them with a pre-written script that the children would need […]

Teaching Vocabulary in Early Years

Teaching Vocabulary in the Early Childhood Classroom Myth 1- Children are word sponges Children may have knowledge of words but this knowledge of words is not complete. Word learning in most cases requires many exposures over an extended period of time. With each additional exposure, the word may become closer to being fully learned. Myth […]

Why is IDEA ELC aiming to be a center for Literacy Excellence?

Why is IDEA Early Learning Center aiming to be a center for Literacy Excellence? What we know… • Literacy is a window to the world • Early experiences create effective communicators • The first 3 years provide a foundation for development of the brain’s architecture • Oral language is the foundation for literacy development • […]

What should parents look for in a Toddler Classroom?

What to look for in a Two Year Old’s Classroom Environment As a parent, what should you be looking for? How can effective physical environments support children during the unique phase of being two? A toddler classroom • A place to be active • A place to relax • A place for tactile exploration • […]

What should parents look for in a Baby Classroom?

What should parents look for in a Baby Room Environment? The way an environment is arranged can make the difference between babies feeling secure or anxious and the difference between staff feelings relaxed or stressed. A positive, calm environment is important for staff and children and is something to look for when you visit a […]

What Makes IDEA ELC different?

What Makes IDEA ELC different? Curriculum Play, risk taking and independence provide an important context for learning, where children are able to explore ideas, solve problems, make connections and engage with others. The Creative Curriculum offers unique experiences that tie directly with each child’s level of ability, with their potential and growth in mind during […]