August 2017

Monitoring Children’s Progress at IDEA ELC

At IDEA ELC we use an authentic, ongoing, observation based assessment system that helps teachers and teaching assistants focus on what matters most for children’s success. This system is called Gold and it links to our Creative Curriculum. It is grounded in 38 research-based objectives for development and learning and support effective teaching and assessment […]

Settling in at IDEA Early Learning Center

At IDEA Early Learning Center, the emotional wellbeing of our children is at the forefront of our planning and provision. We have a carefully tailored transition process that is appropriate to individual children. How do you find out about my child? When children register with us, parents complete a form to detail their child’s interests, […]

Learning Empathy at IDEA ELC

Why is the specific teaching of empathy important in Early Years? As Early Years Professionals, at IDEA ELC, we know that children are all at different stages in their emotional development. Whilst their vocabulary and communication skills are growing, they may need avenues through which to explore their emotions. How can this be addressed? For […]

Extra-Curricular Activities at IDEA Early Learning Center

Why do IDEA Early Learning Center offer extra-curricular activities? At IDEA Early Learning Center we know the value that extra-curricular activities can bring to a child’s education. During our training as Early Years Professionals, we learnt about how it is important that children are exposed to a variety of learning environments, adults and learning experiences […]

Holiday Camp at IDEA ELC

What kind of camp does IDEA run? IDEA Early Learning Center is committed to being part of the Sports City Community. During holidays (except two weeks at Winter break), we are open for camp activities for children age 9 months to 6 years. Our playful camps incorporate the best of our passion for creative learning […]

Recycling at IDEA Early Learning Center

At IDEA Early Learning Center we are committed to a sustainable future. The children that we teach are part of this vision and they help to facilitate an eco-friendly center. All parents want to make the world a better place for their children. At times it can feel a little overwhelming for parents when they […]

Teaching Expertise at IDEA ELC

What makes the teaching and learning at IDEA different? Our Founding Director, Ashleigh, was appointed for her educational expertise, experience and background. This was because IDEA Education is committed to providing the highest quality education for all children that attend its schools. The Governing Body at IDEA ELC is made up of educationalists that are […]

Parent Community at IDEA ELC

At IDEA Early Learning Center we value the contributions that positive parent partnerships can provide. We often invite our parents into the center to share their child’s learning and progress and we have an open door to daily communication. What do parents say? ‘I couldn’t be happier with my child’s teacher. My child makes me […]

A Dedicated Team of Professionals at IDEA ELC- Case Study Nurse Jenny

At IDEA ELC we are proud that our team have each been specifically recruited for their talents, qualifications and experience relative to their individual roles. We have a particularly strong team of Medical Support. Nurse Jenny is highly experienced in Dubai and is approved by the Dubai Health Authority. Jenny’s kind and caring demeanor means […]

Professional Learning at IDEA ELC

What makes us different? At IDEA Early Learning Center we are committed to being a learning environment for everyone. This includes our wonderful children and our talented staff. We know that in order to provide the highest quality early years’ environment we must stay current with pedagogy, thinking, learning and policies that are crucial towards […]