November 2016

Our Day

Are you wondering about the Common Core State Standards?

You wouldn’t be the only parent who wonders what these are, where they came from, and how will they affect their child. At IDEA ELC we follow the Creative Curriculum which is aligned to the Common Core Standards. They were created in the United States by educators and other educational professionals d to give clear, consistent

Keeping little hands busy through fine motor activities

If you register your child at IDEA ELC, we can guarantee their little hands will be kept busy through planned fine motor activities. “Fine motor” refers to the movements we make when we use the small muscles of the hands. Children start to use their hands at birth to explore their bodies and the world around […]

Dramatic Play and Little World

Dramatic Play and little worlds are interest areas in all of the classrooms at IDEA Early Center.  Children are able to use the areas during choice time when children direct themselves to an area of the classroom that interests them. Dramatic play and little worlds enable children to enhance and develop their socio-dramatic play. Children […]

Independence in Early Years

One of the key life skills that we endeavor to empower our children with is independence. For children, independence begins by gaining the confidence to try a new skill or activity by themselves, while in a safe and supportive environment with lots of positive reinforcement and recognition for their efforts. This is a huge step […]

Effective Questioning

Questions…they are everywhere and we hear them continuously from the children around us each day.  Children are natural inquirers and are eager to find out about the world.  As they make their way through our complex and, at times, difficult world, they will ask questions to establish their understanding of how everything operates. At IDEA, […]

Learning Through Nature

In the past twenty years, modern family life has evolved. More time is spent watching television and interacting with games and applications on electronic devices. Less time is spent in the outdoors. At IDEA Early Learning Center we recognize the value of information technology in today’s society and we are committed to innovative ways of […]