September 2016

Mathematics in the Early Years

At IDEA Early Learning Center, we provide children with a wide variety of mathematical experiences throughout each and every day. Mathematics is a part of the world, it is all around us and that enables children to experience many mathematical concepts through incidental opportunities. This is aided by the intuitive and inquisitive nature of children […]

Fine Motor Skills within the Early Years

We’re sure that you will have noticed that young children like to touch everything! Children learn through using their senses, their sense of touch being a very important way in which they explore the world around them. IDEA Early Learning Center recognize the many ways in which your child will learn and develop activities and […]

Making Memories at IDEA Early Learning Center

The team at IDEA Early Learning Center have been working together to discuss what we think are the fundamentals opportunities and activities that children should be given the pleasure of accessing at some point during their early years education. Part of this discussion led to us considering what our memories of early years are and […]

Group Work within the Early Years

IDEA Early Learning Center really values collaborative learning. We know that your children are capable of so much more than meets the eye. They are little learners, thinkers and leaders! We ensure that all children feel included, secure and valued. No child is excluded or disadvantaged and all children are encouraged to respect those around […]

Healthy Eating at IDEA Early Learning Center

At IDEA ELC, we know that early years settings provide an ideal opportunity to encourage young children to eat well and learn about food. This not only helps protect their health while young but also sets the foundations for their future health and wellbeing. IDEA ELC commits to being a healthy learning environment. Our commitment […]

Twenty activities to do with your child before the start of term

The start of term at IDEA Early Learning Center is fast approaching. Our teachers and teaching assistants have been working as a team to come up with twenty activities that you might like to try with your child over the next few weeks. They vary in the age range they are aimed at. The activities […]

Block Play in the Early Years

At IDEA Early Learning Center, we love ‘block play’! Did you know that it is a precursor to writing and literacy skills? IDEA is a center for literacy excellence and we’re always striving to find new and interesting ways to help children create and strengthen the pathways between their brains and limbs to enable them […]