August 2016

The Best Nursery in Dubai

It’s very normal for parents to search online for the ‘best nursery in Dubai’ but what does this actually mean? Does it really exist? A more pertinent question would be “what’s the best nursery for my child in Dubai?” Every nursery is different. There are over 250 nurseries in Dubai offering various curricular, facilities, timings […]

Schools in Dubai

In the past, parents did have the same choice of schools that exists today in Dubai. With so many new schools opening, parents can wait and choose their school carefully. In the local Victory Heights area, there are already existing schools that are very popular that serve the community. In the coming weeks, fifteen more […]

Governance at IDEA Early Learning Center

IDEA Early Learning Center will have a governing body that develops the strategic vision for the Center. Governors provide school and nursery leadership teams with different perspectives to ensure that day to day operations are managed well and the growth and vision is delivered in-line with promises to parents and the community. At IDEA Early […]