July 2016

Effective Communication with Parents and Home

The two-way sharing of information between parents and home helps to develop a common understanding, meaning we can support one another. When communication is effective, it helps both staff and home to build a trusting partnership, be respectful and honest. A mutual interest in what happens at home and at IDEA ELC allows everyone to […]

Settling in to a new Nursery

On my first day at Nursery I pulled a button off my Mum’s coat as she left and I was gently peeled away from her by a Teaching Assistant. I was heartbroken! So was my Mum. A child’s first day at nursery can be a source of much worry for children and parents. It can […]

The Importance of Role Play

At IDEA Early Learning Center we have invested in many high quality resources linked to purposeful role play. We also know that some children will probably like the boxes that the resources arrive in more than the resources themselves! Role play can manifest in lots of different ways and has a multitude of purposes and […]

The difference between the Creative Curriculum, the EYFS and the IB

At IDEA Early Learning Center we are offering the Creative Curriculum for children aged 1-6. The Creative Curriculum is based on 75 years of childhood and learning studies and involves research based developmentally appropriate practice that allows children to acquire and embed a variety of skills. The Curriculum challenges each individual child on a progressive, […]

Inclusive Teaching and Learning at IDEA

At IDEA Early Learning Center it is paramount that all our children can access the curriculum in a way that is meaningful to their age and stage of development. In keeping with the ethos of the UAE, we are an inclusive setting. With reference to laws amended in 2014 on people with disabilities in the […]

Physical Development

At IDEA Early Learning Center we know that physical development plays a crucial role in the overall success of a child. The ability to learn competence in a variety of movements creates the essential nerve cell networks that are the essence of other areas of learning. There are so many elements to gross motor skill […]

The Creative Curriculum

“Who lives in trees?” “How do trash and garbage affect our community?” “What makes balls move?” “What special clothes do people wear?” “How do we make and keep friends?” These are only some of the questions that children will work to unpack and investigate while at IDEA Early Learning Center.  Through the different learning areas […]

The Use of Quality Technology in Early Years

Electronic and digital equipment plays an important part in all our lives. At IDEA ELC we feel it is important that children appreciate the value of technology in our society and begin to be able to use it from an early age. ICT offers opportunities to strengthen many aspects of quality early childhood practice. We […]

See It, Taste It, Touch It, Hear It, Feel It, Smell It: Why IDEA ELC loves sensory, messy play!

At IDEA we aim to maximize every learning opportunity, therefore multi-sensory activities offer us with so much scope to explore your child’s needs. Security, comfort, stimulation and motivation are all key factors when designing curricular experiences for our youngest children. We have the positive relationships with babies and toddlers that allow us to really get […]

Leading Early Years Teaching

Here at IDEA ELC our curriculum lends itself to innovation through its creative nature. Its research base references why it is important to expose children to activities that will build their confidence, accelerate their progress in literacy and challenge them to become critical, mathematical thinkers. Through innovative, meaningful inquiry, our children will have a lead […]