June 2016

Why choose IDEA Early Learning Center over a local school?

For some parents, making the decision to send their child to nursery provision such as at IDEA Early Learning Center, opposed to school, can be a tricky one to make. We understand that many schools offer provision for children aged 3-6 that could also be registered in a Nursery. At IDEA ELC we firmly believe […]

Learning through Play

The pace at which young children develop and learn is phenomenal. This progress happens as children make sense of their world and begin to find their voices, feet, imaginations and personalities. When children play, they learn, experiment, practice, apply and consolidate. Learning through play empowers children with a sense of achievement and confidence where they […]

Our Daycare Program at IDEA Early Learning Center

Our daycare provision begins at 7:30am with Breakfast Club where our practitioners will welcome your child with a big smile and comfort. If you choose to enroll your child in Breakfast Club, we will help them to eat the breakfast that you provide and settle them into the day with quiet activities such as reading […]

How can I help my child learn to read?

At IDEA Early Learning Center we teach the Creative Curriculum from 1-6 years. There are many strengths to this curriculum including the resources it provides for teacher and parents, a variety of themes of learning and a significant focus on Communication, Language and Literacy skills. We are committed to working with you and your child […]